Warning: Adult subject matter

     •     Capeman Murders

     •     Torso Serial Killer

     •     Cannibalistic Killer

     •      Haunted Sites

     •     Gangland Killings

Stories of murder and mayhem spice up our ghost tours.  Our lantern-led, 1-hour long, all-outdoor walks have between 7 and 9 stories.  Historical photographs bring the people and places to life.  Our stories don't skim the surface. We delve into the history behind the events and through deep research correct some of the mistakes told in the past.  At tours end you receive a list of our sources for your own sleuthing.  We leave the cheese and costumes to the other tours and suggest you leave your little ones with a sitter as the subject matter may be too graphic for those under the age of 10.   Each neighborhood has it's own flavor based on its evolution. Tours last 1 to 1-1/4 hours  Tours Start at 8 PM

Greenwich Village Tour

Hear about the serial killers who lived in the village and see some of the most haunted buildings in New York City. Tales include:

     •     Two Serial Killers

     •     Haunted Sites

     •     Ghosts of the Triangle Fire



Lower Manhattan Tour

Walk the oldest streets of Manhattan, and learn about bizarre tales of mayhem and the history behind ancient horrors, including:

     •     Famous and frightening ghosts

     •     Burnings at the stake

     •     Murder linked to Jack the Ripper

Gangsters, gruesome murders & a couple of ghosts come to life as we tour the former killing grounds of the West Side. This tour is not recommending for children under age 13.  The terrible tales include:

Hell’s Kitchen Tour

Walk at your own risk. We are not responsible for accidents or injuries. Uneven sidewalks and busy streets are prevalent.

Tour size limited for your enjoyment. Advance booking required.

We walk in the rain and rarely cancel - Check the weather forecast and cancel 24 hours in advance.

Terms and Conditions

*Starting Place of the Tours

Payment due at the time of booking to secure reservation via PayPal (no account required) or with Active Living Social Voucher.

*Your entire payment will be refunded if you cancel 24 hours in advance of the tour start time.

*Your entire payment will be refunded if we cancel for any reason at any time. (Cash refunds do not apply to Living Social Vouchers but voucher may be reused)

*We will only cancel in the event of dangerous weather conditions, tour guide illness, or  we lack a minimum of 4 people booked for the tour.  

*The tour will not be canceled due to light rain. If you wish to cancel because of rain, please do so 24 hours in advance of the tour.  We like Weather.com for forecasts.

*If you cancel on the day of the tour, 50% of your payment will be refunded (except YELP and Living Social Vouchers - cancellation must be made 24 hours in advance to reuse voucher.)

*Payments will not be refunded if you arrive late.  Check here for tour route.  Tours begins 5 minutes after the start time. Email us if you are running late.

* Deals my not be combined.


Our public tours are on winter break for January & February.  For the cold Saturdays in March, we are offering 1-hour tours.

Private tours are available now!

1-Hour Tour: $12

Per Person

Hell's Kitchen 1-Hour Tour
Hell's Kitchen 1-Hour Tour
Hell's Kitchen 1-Hour Tour