Frequently Asked Questions

Warning: Adult subject matter

Private Tours

A deposit is required at the time of booking which is totally refundable if you cancel at least 48 hours before the tour start time from March - September and November - December.  October private tours must be cancelled 7 days before the tour for a full refund of the deposit.   The balance due must be paid the day before the tour via a Paypal/Venmo invoice.   The tour guide will wait no longer than 20 minutes after the agreed upon start time to begin the tour.  Sorry no alcoholic beverages allowed, and please do not have people who are intoxicated attend for their own safety.  These are our tour sizes: 20 people for Hell’s Kitchen, 25 people for Greenwich Village, and 30 people for Lower Manhattan.  For larger groups we will split the group add an additional tour guides for a small additional fee.

2-Hour Private Tour Pricing

Price for 2 People is $100 total, 3-5 is $175 total, 6-14 is $250 total, 15+ $300 total (max of 30 people per guide)

1-Hour Private Tour Pricing

Price for 2 People is $65 total, 3-5 is $115 total, 6-14 is $165 total, 15+ $200 total (max of 30 people per guide)

Living Social Vouchers

Expired Unused Vouchers retain their $12 value, which may be applied against the regular price of our public tours. To use an expired voucher, enter your voucher number in the box Redeem Gift Card / Promo Code next to SELECT TICKETS. We are very sorry that you must enter a separate booking for each voucher.  We walk in the rain.  If you need to cancel a booking, you must do so by phone or email 24 hours before the tour start time, to be able to use your vouchers for another tour date.  We do not offer refunds on vouchers. You must contact Living Social for any money refunds.

Dog Friendly

You may bring a dog on a leash providing:

     1)     They won’t distract from the stories (like barking or can’t sit when asked)

     2)     They won’t bite another dog or person

     3)     You promise to clean up after their business

Total Bookings

Public tours are capped at 17-25 people depending on the tour to keep the experience enjoyable.

If a tour time sells out, a 2nd tour 15 minutes after the published time maybe added.

Please cancel 24 hours in advance to receive a full refund, or for your Living Social voucher to still be

redeemable.  A tour may be canceled if fewer than 4 people book.

Walk at your own risk. We are not responsible for accidents or injuries.

Uneven sidewalks and busy streets are prevalent.

Starting Point of the Tours 8 PM

Greenwich Village: Washington Square Park at the NW corner of the park - Waverly Place and MacDougal also known as Washington Square North and Washington Square West (21 Washington Square West).

Hell’s Kitchen: NE Corner of 8th Avenue and 41st Street

Lower Manhattan: Tweed Courthouse on Chambers between Broadway and Centre St (52 Chambers)

East Village: Corner of Astor Place and Lafayette Street (20 Astor Place)

If You Cancel

If you cancel 24 hours before a public or 48 hours before a private tour start time, your payment will be refunded in full. If you cancel the day of the tour, you will be refunded 50% of your ticket price.  The tour will NOT be canceled due to light rain. If you wish to cancel because of possible rain please do so in advance of the tour as mentioned for a full refund.  Refunds do not apply to Living Social Vouchers.  You must contact Living Social for any money refunds.

If We Cancel

In the event a tour is canceled due to extreme weather, low attendance, or the guide’s illness, you will be notified via their email and via phone if a phone number is provided, and your full payment is refunded.   It’s always best to check your email on the day of the tour or call the tour line (212) 252-2625.  

What to Expect

It’s like hearing ghost and murder stories around a campfire, only without the fire and you walk to the actual locations of the stories (but not inside).  Unlike other tours, there are pictures and direct quotes that accompany many of the tales.  Additionally the tours tend to attract super fun people, and you get to see the beautiful, varied sights of New York City.

Most Tours last 1-1/4 or 2-2-1/2 hours depending on size and speed of the group. Note the East Village tour is a 1-hour tour only.  Lower Manhattan has many more opportunities to sit.  Hell’s Kitchen has 2 places to sit and there is only 1 place to sit during the Greenwich Village tour.

Tours and Buildings

Tours do not go inside any buildings. Exception: In the winter time, if the group is small and everyone agrees, there may be a Starbucks stop halfway through.


If you have fun, tips are gratefully accepted.


Wear comfortable shoes as a lot of ground is covered. Dress warmly especially for Lower Manhattan. It can get pretty windy down there.  Bring bottled water in the summer.

Neighborhood Differences

History buffs will particularly enjoy Lower Manhattan’s stories that include colonial mayhem , torture and 9 ghost stories.   Greenwich Village offers the most historic, quaint buildings with stories of serial killers and actual haunted houses including 7 ghost stories. East Village has more ghost stories, but a couple of good murders and a story of mayhem. Hell’s Kitchen is our bloodiest tour featuring mostly macabre murders with 4 ghost stories.   

Tour End Point

Greenwich Village 1-Hour tour ends at 6th Ave & 10th Street.

                              2-Hour tour ends at 2 Horatio near 8th Avenue and 14th Street

Lower Manhattan 1 and 2-Hour tour ends at Pearl and  Broad Streets

Hell’s Kitchen   1 and 2 -Hour tour ends at 8th Avenue and 46th Street

East Village Tour 1-Hour Tour ends at 7th Street and 3rd Ave.